Hair Replacement

Les Eads chatting with a hair replacement client about CyberHair

Millions of people have thinning hair. But despite its prevalence, very few stylists are knowledgeable about the cause—and the treatment options—of thinning hair.

Les Eads and Josh Eads are exceptions.

Working with hair since age 14

Les, president of Carmel and Elkhart Hair Technologies, has been an in-demand stylist since he set up shop in his mom’s bathroom at age 14. Soon after graduation from the Indianapolis National Barber School, his unmistakable skills landed him a job as an official platform artist for Redken. Early on, he became as interested in restoring hair as he was in cutting it. Now, after forty years in the hair restoration business, he’s one of the most experienced AND award-winning pros in the U.S.

A father and son business

Josh, vice president of Carmel and Elkhart Hair Technologies, is equally as passionate about hair restoration. Not only does he have access to his father’s vast experience, but his own mastery of the subject has made him a sought-after specialist in his own right. Josh’s primary focus is the women’s replacement market.  His easy-going personality makes his women clients feel welcome and cared for. A woman’s hair is closely tied to her self worth. Josh understands that and goes out of his way to make sure his clients look better than ever before.

Two locations to serve you

Carmel and Elkhart Hair Technology has become a refuge for clients interested in hair restoration. Here, there are no gimmicks or too-good-to-be-true products. Only proven experts with unparalleled skills.

The Eads are committed to helping everyone restore and/or replace their hair in a thoughtful, completely undetectable way. Nothing like the corporate big-brand hair replacement locations with big advertising budgets, this father-son team is all about privacy, customization, and 100% satisfaction.

Think you don’t know anyone who’s used Carmel or Elkhart Hair Technology? You might be surprised. “Our clients aren’t an advertisement for us,” Les says. After all: “If it’s good, nobody knows it’s hair replacement.”